Twisted Extracts Mix & Match

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Not sure which product is right for you? Can’t decide? Gotta have ‘em all? Whatever the reason, our Twisted Extracts Mix & Match is a great way to experience all of our edibles and learn what works best for you.

Save 15% on Twisted Extracts products when selecting 4 or more.

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Twisted Extracts - Halley's Comet Watermelon Jelly Bomb (1:1 40mg - CBD/Sativa)

$12.95 $11.01

Twisted Extracts - Apple Jelly Bomb (80mg - Sativa)

$12.95 $11.01

Twisted Extracts - Mango Jelly Bomb (80mg - Sativa)

$12.95 $11.01

Twisted Extracts - Black Cherry Zzz Jelly Bomb (80mg - Indica)

$12.95 $11.01

Twisted Extracts - Raspberry Zzz Jelly Bomb (80mg - Indica)

$12.95 $11.01

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