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Eddy’s Edibles M&M Cookies have scoopfuls of creamy M&M’s.  Crispy on the outside all while chewy and buttery on the inside so you don’t have to choose. Cookies are hand-made & baked to order. Guaranteed freshness.

Usage: Insomnia | Inflammation | Pain | Anxiety | Stress
Common Effects: Happy | Relaxed | Calm
Total Dosage: 180mg THC per package
Serving Sizes: 3 x 60mg THC per cookie

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    About Eddy’s Edibles – M&M Cookie

    Eddy’s Edibles M&M Cookie is a high-quality cannabis oil-infused edible that is both creamy and flavorful. It contains a precise dose of THC with ingredients that include Flour, Brown Sugar, Butter, M&M Candies, Milk Chocolate Chips, White Sugar, Eggs, Vanilla Extract, Salt, Baking Soda.

    There are a total of 3 cookies in every package of Eddy’s Edibles. Each cookie contains 60mg of THC making a total of 180mg per package.The effects can take as little as 15 minutes or as long as 2 hours for it to kick in. These cookies are also very potent, so be careful when ingesting it. For safety, wait the full 2 hours for the effects to take hold before consuming more.

    How to Enjoy Them!

    For that “straight out of the oven” taste, our signature gourmet cookies are best served warm. This can be done in an oven at 350° for 3-5 minutes for an unmatched, soft, melt-in-your-mouth cookie experience… Mhmm! If you’re in a hurry, just pop your little treat into a microwave for ~10-20 seconds.


    Individuals with allergic reactions to peanuts, coconut, soy, wheat, and dairy products may choose not to take Eddy’s Edibles cookies as it contains traces of these products.

    Uses: Falling asleep | Anxiety | Pain | Fun
    Effects: Calm | Sleepy | Relaxed

    WARNING: Contains Cannabis. Keep away from children and pets.

    Directions: First time users take a single 10-20mg dose. Allow 60-90 minutes for full effect before an additional dose is considered. Take with food for best results.

    Storage instructions: For best results, please keep Eddy’s Edibles M&M cookies refrigerated. Our cookies are freshly packaged & heat sealed, meaning that if properly stored, they may last well for over 4 weeks.

    Disclaimer: Cannabis affects all people differently based on factors like genetics, physiology and lifestyle. How an edible affects others may not affect you in the same way.


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