510 Thread Vape Battery – Gold



For use with 510 vape cartridges, the CG Extracts 510 thread battery comes with a USB charger.

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About 510 Thread Vape Battery

510 thread vape battery is found to be most common in vape devices. It is because of the thread design that the battery has that it has been allotted the term 510 thread. This term tells you the type of cartridges that will be suitable for the battery. The term originated from the 10 threads that form part of the tank, measuring 0.5mm each which are compatible with the pens. The 0.5mm threading is now considered standard. However, it is not necessary that 10 threads are present for it to be considered compatible with 510.

These vape batteries are considered standard universally in the vaping industry. Most of the vape batteries are equipped with 510 thread design. You will come across a few exceptions in pods or when larger batteries are used in the design. It needs to be kept in mind that all 210 thread batteries and cartridges are not compatible. Some batteries might be a bit too powerful for some cartridges.


  • DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE BATTERIES ON THE CHARGER. Over-tightening the battery in the USB charger can cause the charger or battery to malfunction. Turn the battery slowly only until the light on the battery flashes, or (if your charger has a light) the light turns from green to red.
  • Always plug the USB charger in before the battery. Ensure the light on the USB charger is green before charging the battery.
  • Do not leave a charging 510 thread battery unattended.
  • Do not leave a charged battery on the charger for an extended period of time


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